Can I get hardwood flooring with natural grain and knots?

Can I get hardwood flooring with natural grain and knots?

You can have any wood flooring you want or need, including those with natural graining and knots. These features can give your flooring an exciting personality and so much more.

You can have unique floors with these features, and there are many ways to preserve the look. Learning more about the options can give you precisely what you need in your space.

Hardwood knots and how to make the most of them

Sometimes, knots are easier to see in wood with medium tones and colors. But plank size can play a significant factor as well.

Wide plank wood flooring trends can give you a better view of hardwood knots and natural grain patterns. And they're available in a wide variety of flooring options.

Which woods offer these natural options?

Knotty pine offers knots with resin outlines and yellow coloration. Hickory is naturally darker than pine and offers swirling grains with a wide range of colors.

You'll see all the natural looks with white, pink, or peach colors with oak. But you might find some beautiful knots in a rustic cherry species choice.

The beauty of imperfections

It's interesting to note that solid hardwood flooring knots are also visual imperfections. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy these options' beauty and uniqueness.

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