Stile Hardwood Flooring Partner in Jacksonville, FL

A bright and airy kitchen featuring white cabinets, a breakfast bar, and light wood flooring from Stile

At Mike Nakhel Flooring, we offer exquisite and eco-conscious flooring solutions. We're proud to partner with Stile, a leader in Italian hardwood flooring craftsmanship, we bring you timeless designs that prioritize quality and sustainability. 100% Made in Italy.


Stile's Heritage:


Established in 1965, Stile is Family-Owned and boasts a rich heritage rooted in Italian craftsmanship. They combine traditional techniques with innovation for exceptional quality and timeless aesthetics.


Stile's Commitment:


Stile prioritizes using sustainably sourced wood and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Their water-based Bona finishes, and low-emission glues contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Exceptional customer service ensures a smooth buying experience.

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Exploring the Stile Hardwood Collections:


All of Stile floors feature renowned Bona® finishes for superior durability. Here's a quick overview of their captivating offerings.

  • Slim Collection: Perfect for sleek, modern homes, these extra-long planks create an illusion of space.
  • Stilnovo Collection: Offers flexibility with various thicknesses and finishes (hand-scraped, brushed, oiled, etc.) on classic woods like Oak and Walnut.
  • Contemporary Collection: Unleash your creativity! Choose from an array of finishes and wood species for a truly personalized look.
  • Crafted Collection: Experience the timeless beauty of solid hardwood in different species, grades, and thicknesses – from rustic charm to polished elegance.
  • Smoked Collection: Add drama and depth with uniquely treated wood species.
  • Teknè Collection: Explore innovative designs like parquet patterns as well as traditional chevron and herringbone layouts.
  • LAB Collection: Make it completely yours! Endless customization options for wood species, colors, metallic/textured finishes, and unique design elements.
  • Lab Strip Collection: Embrace a clean, contemporary look with narrow planks – ideal for a variety of spaces.
Stile ‘Stilnovo Afromosia’ hardwood flooring in a deep, warm and natural color complements the design of a spacious living room flooded with natural light.
 A dog carrying a gingerbread man toy in its mouth while walking down a hallway with COREtec® wood look flooring in a medium dark color)

Crafting Your Dream Floor: Customization Options at Mike Nakhel Flooring


At Mike Nakhel Flooring, we understand that your dream home deserves a floor that reflects your unique vision. That's why we go beyond simply offering Stile's exquisite collections. We work closely with you and Stile to explore customization possibilities, allowing you to create a floor that's truly one-of-a-kind. Here are some ways we can help you personalize your Stile hardwood floor:

  • Wood species selection: Explore a wider range of wood species beyond those readily available in a particular collection.
  • Custom finishes and colors: Achieve the perfect look with custom stain and finish combinations to match your existing décor or create a bold statement.
  • Unique design elements: For the LAB Collection, collaborate with our team and Stile's designers to incorporate distinctive inlays, borders, or other creative touches.

Visit our showroom to explore the exquisite selection of Stile hardwood flooring and discover how they can transform your space into a haven of timeless elegance and enduring beauty.