Do specifics matter with hardwood flooring?

Do specifics matter with hardwood flooring?

Wood flooring is integral to your remodel, even if only installed in a single area. There are many specifics as you choose materials and services that matter.

Putting together a great wood floor is about choosing options that work for you. And here's some information that will help you choose yours.

Choose the right species

The species could be an essential step as you start your shopping process. Choosing one that caters to your specific lifestyle and traffic needs is necessary.

Since some species are harder, solid hardwood flooring options are more durable. And this helps the floors reach their extensive lifespan of more than 100 years.

Stain color does so much for your decor

The right stain color can significantly impact your decor and furnishings. It's a great way to match your surroundings and create ambiance all at the same time.

You'll see specific trends that could keep you current for years. Whitewashed and light stain colors are a great place to start, with significant benefits in each one.

Textures cater to the details

Wood flooring textures are a big part of your floor's visual appeal, especially with textured options. But they also enhance performance.

A texture like vintage or distressed can hide signs of light wear. You'll see fewer scratches and scuffs with choices like this in place.

Choose our showroom for your specifics

At Mike Nakhel Flooring, we offer excellent materials for your specific needs. And our associates are ready to help in any way necessary.

You can visit our hardwood flooring company in Jacksonville, FL, for superior materials. From there, we cater to all of North East Florida, so see us whenever you're in the area.