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How do I clean and maintain engineered hardwood floors?

Engineered hardwood flooring, an excellent alternative to solid hardwood, can be laid in most areas of the home. This stain and scratch-resistant floor covering requires little maintenance, and since it's easy to keep clean, it's a welcome addition in households that include pets and children.

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Engineered wood flooring

Manufactured engineered hardwood flooring has a plywood base layer and a hardwood surface layer. Because of its wood surface, engineered hardwood floors look like solid wood floors after installation. An engineered wood plank is more versatile than a solid wood plank, though, for two reasons:

● First, the plywood base is moisture-resistant.

● Nails and a wood subfloor aren't required; planks are designed for floating floor, glue-down, or loose-lay installation.

Routine cleaning

While engineered wood flooring resists moisture, it is not waterproof; therefore, excessive moisture may cause damage. Use a microfiber mop, a liquid wood cleaner, and a small amount of water to mop the floor weekly.

Debris should be removed daily with a vacuum cleaner or a house broom to ensure the engineered wood floors are not scratched.


Your new floor will still look fresh in years if you maintain an average temperature and humidity level in your home. These numbers are usually defined in the manufacturer's warranty.

Top-quality engineered wood has a hardwood layer that is thick enough for one-time refinishing but to keep your floor from becoming damaged:

● Lift items, do not drag them

● Clean spills up immediately

● The place felt pads on all furnishings

● Use floor mats inside and outside

● Do not wear spike shoes or stilettos

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