What’s the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

What’s the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?
Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for new floors. It’s traditional and lasts for decades. It brings style and elegance to your home. In addition, it adds to the overall value of the property, so it’s an investment you can count on.

Engineered or Solid?

When it comes to hardwood floors, you have two choices, solid or engineered. Solid hardwood floors have the same thickness throughout the plank. Engineered is different, with a slice of hardwood on top but a set of pieces of wood in a crosshatch position underneath. On the top, you have the species of wood that you desire. So it has the swirls and whorls that you want for your floor. Engineered flooring can withstand moisture, so they are better for basements. Solid wood isn't suitable for basements because of the moisture content in the area. Engineered wood can be refinished, like solid wood, so it adds the same value to your property.

With installation, both engineered and solid can go through the same process at the factory. They can be sanded, sealed, stained, and finished there. So installation time can be shorter than expected sometimes. With engineered wood, you can still mix and match in your home.

The looks

Wood floors look fabulous! Hardwood floors have a wide variety in three areas: species, color, and style. There are hundreds of species to choose from, with the most popular being hickory, maple, oak, cherry, and walnut. Each species has its look thanks to the grain of the wood. For example, walnut and oak have a straight grain, while others, like cherry and maple, have curls in theirs. You can also choose from exotic woods from Brazil and Indonesia.

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