wood-look tile flooring

Will there be grout lines in my wood-look tile flooring?

Wood-look tile is a durable flooring material that brings 'wood' into moisture-prone spaces like entryways and bathrooms and living areas like family rooms and bedrooms.

Like the hardwood plank flooring it mimics, wood look tile enhances any decorating style. When you shop for tile in Jacksonville, FL, at Mike Nakhel Flooring, you'll find a large selection of tile and enjoy the personalized service for which we are known.


When a floor is installed, space must be left around each tile to accommodate the slight shifting during temperature fluctuations.

Therefore, grout will always be visible, but it's still possible to attain the wood look rather than the tile look or floor you desire. A genuine plank floor look is achieved when the grout lines blend seamlessly with the tile flooring.

Matching grout

With its even creamy color and straight grain, maple planks present a uniform look; thus, the color is easily matched to grout.

In contrast, a bold grain pattern and large color highlight hickory planks, but the darkest color is effectively matched to the grout color. In short, consider the characteristics of the wood when pairing tile and grout colors.

Finishing touch

After wood-look tile flooring is installed, the installation team seals the grout, so it does not change color over time, become stained by spills, or be discolored by dirt.

So, a sealant is applied to ensure that a tile floor maintains its brand-new look. It also simplifies grout cleaning, and since grout is porous, it stops mold and mildew growth that negatively affects grout durability.

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Mike Nakhel Flooring installs tile flooring in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby locales like Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Atlantic Beach, St. Johns, and Jacksonville Beach, along with the Kingsland, Georgia area.

So your new plank-like floor will have no noticeable grout lines when you shop at our tile store in Jacksonville.